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Respect In Sport Parent Course


CAMBRIDGE, ON (Dec 16, 2015) – The Ontario Hockey Federation, in conjunction with Alliance Hockey, GTHL, NOHA and OMHA, is proud to announce the Respect in Sport Parent program will be used by all Minor Member Partners, effective for the 2016-2017 season. This unified roll out is a testament to the dedication the OHF and its Minor Member Partners have in making this great game of hockey, fun and enjoyable for all.

Respect in Sport is an accessible, online resource in the prevention of bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD). The program’s mission is to empower participants to recognize signs of BAHD and eliminate it from the game, through a global culture of respect.

“Education is one of the fundamental components of the OHF and its Minor Member Partners. Players and coaches have received a wealth of information about the game, but the Respect in Sport Parent program will expand those horizons,” said Tony Foresi, OHF President. “We are also encouraged by the mandatory participation for all parents. Throughout their hockey travels, be it around Ontario or further afield, parents and families are the greatest ambassadors of the OHF and we want to give them the tools to work through any situation they encounter.”

Alliance Hockey, GTHL, NOHA and OMHA will be sharing the program directly with their associations, starting during the registration period for the 2016-2017 season. (Check out our FAQ page for more information.)

“Respect Group is pleased to partner with the OHF, who are joining the majority of Hockey Canada Branches who have made the Respect in Sport Parent Program, a requirement. The intention of the program is to provide education to parents which helps good parents, become better sport parents,” said Mark Allen, Respect Group’s Ontario Director. “The program is aimed at helping to keep the game fun and safe for kids, and to support coaches, referees and the numerous volunteers who make youth hockey possible in Canada,” says Allen.

Respect Group was co-founded by former NHLer Sheldon Kennedy in 2004. It partnered with the Canadian Red Cross to create a best-in-class e-learning curriculum for mass consumption. Participants are certified through a 60-minute on-line program, they can do from anywhere with internet access. Cost is $12.00.

The OHF has been in existence since 1989 and is comprised of seven Member Partners: the Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario (Alliance), the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL), Northern Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA), Ontario Hockey Association (OHA), the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) and the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association (OWHA.)

To view a short video recently launched by the OMHA, click here.

To register for the course, via our OHF Member Partner the GTHL, click here.