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Streetsville Hockey League History


Thanks to the efforts of Neil Painchaud and Alana Perkins, we have compiled a brief history of the the Streetsville Hockey League, formerly known as the Streetsville Amateur Minor Hockey Association.

The hockey history of Streetsville started in 1946 when the Toronto Township Hockey League was formed with eight communities. They were Burnhamthorpe, Cooksville, Clarkson, Cloverleaf, Erindale, Lorne Park, Streetsville and Upper Clarkson. Games were played on outdoor ice with night games played at the Lester arena in Georgetown.

Streetsville starts play in the T.T.H.L. (Toronto Township Hockey League)

The T.T.H.L. affiliates with M.T.H.L. (Metropolitan Toronto Hockey League)

Tri-County League of the O.M.H.A. was founded.

The S.D.M.H.A. began play in their new rink the Streetsville Arena. (Now called the Vic Johnston Community Centre)

Webster-Jackman Minor Bantam won the T.T.H.L. “A” Level Championship.

Hawthorne Valley Golf Club Bantam won the T.T.H.L. “A” Level Championship.

Streetsville & Meadowvale M.H.A. had 500 kids registered playing on 24 Teams, in an 18 week schedule, 7 rep teams played in the T.T.H.L.

Hockey boundaries were established in Mississauga area.

Streetsville leaves the T.T.H.L.(Toronto Township Hockey League) and joins the O.M.H.A. Tri-county league.

T.T.H.L. (Toronto Township Hockey League) becomes M.H.L. (Mississauga Hockey League)

Streetsville International Tyke Tournament (Inaugural year)

  • Game one played on April 8th, 1968 at 5:20 p.m. between Streetsville vs. Erindale. Streetsville won the game 4 to 0.
  • David Chadala and Robby Flack each scored two goals with assists going to Scott Snarr (2), Randy Johnston, Terry Foster and David Chadala.

Playing in that first tyke tournament game were two future NHLer’s Eddie Hospidar & David Poulin who both went on to played for the Philadelphia Flyers.


  • Streetsville joins O.M.H.A. Tri-County “A” League with five entries: Novice Thunderbirds, IGA Pee Wees, Hutt Fence Bantams, Maple Lodge Midgets, Juvenile Derbies.
  • 500 player registered in the S.M.H.A. playing on 30 teams.
  • Novice Thunderbirds win the First Tri-County “A” Championship defeating Milton in the finals two straight games to zero.
  • The Juvenile Derbies won the Tri-County “A” Division League standings.
  • New equipment room build with the help of the S.M.H.A. ladies Auxiliary.

Streetsville Tyke “A” Team wins their First Tyke Tournament Championship.


  • Marked the 25th year of Streetsville Hockey.
  • Streetsville Hockey registration ad indicated O.M.H.A. boundaries in effect.

The S.M.H.A. was incorporated as the Streetsville Minor Hockey Association.
(Formally the Streetsville and District Minor Hockey Association)

The S.M.H.A. inducts its first Life Members.

1986 The O.H.A. Binding Arbitration report. (The ruling eliminates “A” hockey in Streetsville after 18 years. It also restricts Streetsville to ten “AA” teams only)

Streetsville Juvenile “AA” Team Defeats Kingston Township to win the right to represent the O.M.H.A. in the O.H.F. All Ontario Finals. Streetsville defeated the M.T.H.L. Willowdale team to win Streetsville FIRST O.H.F. ALL ONTARIO PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

S.M.H.A. Constitution revised and updated.


  • Tigers join O.M.H.A. CENTRAL TRIPLE A league after playing 23 years in the O.M.H.A. Tri-county AA & A league.
  • Tigers appoint Mr. Bill Mann as Tigers Hockey Club’s first General Manager.

The S.A.M.H.A. was incorporated as the Streetsville Amateur Minor Hockey Association.
(formally the S.M.H.A. however incorporation was allowed to lapse and as a result the Corporation known as the S.M.H.A. was cancelled by the Ministry)

The S.A.M.H.A. adopted its Mission statement.

Bantam Tigers win the Central Triple A League Championship


  • TIGERS join the Metropolitan Toronto Hockey League (M.T.H.L.). (Now called the G.T.H.L. Greater Toronto Hockey League)
  • Mr. Larry Barnett appointed as first M.T.H.L. General Manager.

50th Anniversary of Hockey in Streetsville.

STREESVILLE TIGERS are Incorporated as the Streetsville Tigers Hockey Club (S.T.H.C.).

S.T.H.C. adopt a new set of By laws at their 2nd Annual Meeting of the corporation and the 51st of the Association.

· S.A.M.H.A. adopt a new set of By laws at their 6th Annual Meeting.
(The 16th of the corporation and the 53rd of the Association)

· S.A.M.H.A. have a web site @
(First S.A.M.H.A. web master Mike Erdelyi)

· S.T.H.C. have a web site @
(First S.T.H.C. web master Neil Painchaud)

· S.T.H.C. Minor Atom “AA” team wins Streetsville’s First Carnation Cup and go on to win the G.T.H.L. City Championship defeating teams from the G.T.H.L. East Division.
· Inaugural year of the SAMHA SELECT TOURNAMENT. The first Tournament Director Donna Waters

· S.A.M.H.A. & S.T.H.C. adopted an Abuse & Harassment policy.

· S.A.M.H.A. & S.T.H.C. adopt separate Mission Statements.

· Inaugural year of the SAMHA House League Tournament known as the SAMHA KINGSGATE FINANCIAL ANNUAL TOURNAMENT.
· The first year featuring teams in the Tyke, Minor Novice and Novice age groups.
· The first Tournament Director Bruce Munro.

S.A.M.H.A. & S.T.H.C. Elect different Presidents for the first time in their history and embark on a newrelationship after 55 years.

S.A.M.H.A. Create paid position of General Manager.

2009-10 S.A.M.H.A. is turned over to the Vic Johnston Community Centre Corporation to run the House League Hockey Program. The S.A.M.H.A. Corporation is Dissolved April 30, 2010. A new sub-committee of the VJCC is put in place to administer the minor hockey House League program going forward.


  • Inaugural season the New Streetsville Hockey League (S.H.L.)
  • The new leagues first President is Mr. Neil Painchaud (Past President and Life Member of the S.A.M.H.A.)
  • The V.J.C.C./S.H.L. hire a new Executive Director Mr. Darcy Walsh.
  • The S.H.L. developments a new league crest and launches a new web site at
  • The S.H.L. develop a new Vision and Mission statement with clearly outlined core values

There are a couple of points still being researched. If anyone has answers to the following questions, please send them to [email protected].


  1. When did Streetsville Leave the TTHL
  2. When did Streetsville Join OMHA?
  3. What was Streetsville hockey called in 1945?
  4. Are any records around from 45to 81 about who was present etc.?
  5. When did they begin using the name Streetsville-Meadowvale?